I’m lazy, I have bad memory and I really hate writing. Thats why I created this site.


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No more hesetube

HeseTube.com was a site where you could download videos from Youtube to your own computer/device like on other downloaded sites. The special thing on HeseTube was that you could cut the video on server side and get only part of the video. For example There is a 10min video of basketball match and you want to show one dunk to your friend. It was super easy to specify starting time and ending time...

Photoshop scripts

First blog post, yay! I have been running a global pole dancing community Poleranking since 2010 (more about this later). We have been travelling around the world to film pole dance competitions. From each event we film every performance and upload those to YouTube and the last years we have also provided a livestream so all the pole dance fans around the globe could have been able to watch their...


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