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N was a site where you could download videos from Youtube to your own computer/device like on other downloaded sites. The special thing on HeseTube was that you could cut the video on server side and get only part of the video.

For example There is a 10min video of basketball match and you want to show one dunk to your friend. It was super easy to specify starting time and ending time and just click download to get your 10sec video for example.

The idea for HeseTube started when my cousin always asked if I would make few clips from her longer YouTube video and then she can post those short videos to Instagram. Once again I was too lazy to make those short clips so I made the site, gave url to her and then she could do all those clips by herself. #winning

As the service started to get more and more popular and server costs skyrocketed, I was planning to make it for subscribers only to get it running. Then suddenly on last summer (June 2019 or something) YouTube started to block and limiting downloader sites (which I totally understand). HeseTube could only be used once in every ten minutes or something for lucky visitor.

I was contacted if I would like to sell the domain (and traffic) and we made a deal. The domain will be redirected to another downloader site in upcoming days.

I would like to thank everyone who used the service and for all fan emails I got (and also hate mail when the service went down when there were too many visitors).

technical stuff how it was made

Hesetube was basically based on 2 plugins: youtube-dl and nginx mp4 module. Youtube-dl was used to download the video from youtube to server and nginx mp4 module was the real magic. You could specify the start and end params for the video file and the mp4 module let you download only that part of the video without any video encoding on server side. for example .../videofile.mp4?start=34.31&end=55.33. That was the reason why the service was so fast and everyone loved it.

The frontend was made in Javascript, just simple UI where you could enter timestamps or press a button to get the time from the video.

That was it, sounds simple and yes, it was simple 🙂 If you have any questions or comments about that, let me know!

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